Bourke designed his engine to fulfill the five desirable attributes for an efficient internal combustion engine laid down by de Rochas a century ago


Bourke Engines contradict typical design, they use detonation as a means of extracting more energy from each pound of fuel


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Project Bourke

Parts comparison between Bourke and Vaux replica
70 MB

The original Bourke 30 cubic inch engine # 001
36 MB

Russell Bourke shows off his engines
73 MB

Roger fires up and runs his Proto 30 on first pull
29 MB

Here's a clip (50 MB) of Roger Richard loading his prototype Bourke engine down on his Hobart motor/generator stand. You'll notice him flipping a switch then as he turns a dial, the air clutch begins to engage. The Hobart takes about 15 horse power to start up at first. Once he gets it spun up, he compensates the load with the throttle to bring it up to proper speed. It's then creating close to 30 HP as it's under full load. At the end of the video clip, he shuts the engine down. Notice how fast the engine quits spinning. Fairly high compression I'd say. Not bad for a home built engine made out of steel pipe, some welded on water jackets, and Roger's skilled expertise, wherewithal and a bit of luck. All by using the Bourke Documentary, the 30 Blueprint Set and some skilled home machining.


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